Tip #469: Continuing With Day Five

“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feeling.” Carl Gustav Jung

At lunch, I found out that some of the participants in the other two rooms had ended up lecturing- although their peers lovingly pointed that out.  I won’t know until I see the videos from those rooms whether or not the facilitator had the individual and others discuss what the “lecturer” could have done instead to make the lecture into an interactive activity. I sure hope they did.

If not, I’ll definitely have that opportunity, since I promised to review all of the videos from the two other rooms and send my feedback to each participant. At least, that’s my plan. We’ll see how successful Maha and I will be in getting these sufficiently translated while I watch them so I know what is happening. Maha is also going to have to translate 10 lesson plans (in total from both rounds of training) that were submitted in Arabic.

At the close of the session, I didn’t have enough bottles of bubbles, so I had them blow up balloons and bop them around to music instead.

At the beginning of the day, Rozi gave me a beautiful banana leaf closed basket. At the end of the day, Maysoon gave me a beautiful scarf (just like the one she was wearing) and showed me how to wear it. Sawsoon gave me a lovely card.

When we gave out certificates, some of the women hugged me and gave me kisses: one on the left side of the face and two on the right side.  One man (the one who had been upset by the triune brain activity) held his hand to his chest and smilingly explained that he didn’t touch other women, so he couldn’t shake my hand).

After the training, four of the young women came up to tell me that their participation in the training had changed their approach to training and their approach to something else- they were all now wearing colorful clothing (which I had modeled daily)!

Three people gave me their cards and told me that, if I had the time, they would like to take me around Amman to see the sites. What loving, generous people!

Then, we packed up everything and I went back to the hotel to completely collapse, then sort through three large suitcases to start packing them properly, and finally pack for the trip to Petra and Aqaba.

May your learning be sweet.


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