How to Get Energy Conservation Training Results

How to Get Energy Conservation Training Results

The Problem:
Traditional energy-related training is not effective.

The Reasons:

  1. The training is provided by subject matter experts who tell war stories
    and lecture.
  2. Lecture focuses on the lecturer’s expertise; it does not build consumer or end user expertise.
  3. Consumers and end users do not leave the training feeling competent to take action.

The Solution:
Participatory skill-building training facilitated by subject matter experts
who understand and apply adult learning principles.

What It Is:
Participatory skill-building training requires that learners develop and demonstrate specific, observable and measurable skills. The focus of the training is on the learners, not on the subject matter experts.

Why It Works:
Consumers and end users are able to put what they’ve learned into practice, so they leave the training confident in their own competence.

How It Works:
The instructor introduces and explains a topic, then uses a variety of learning activities that check the learners’ comprehension, let them practice using the new information or techniques, and then assess their ability to apply what they have learned.

The Choice:
Lectures by subject matter experts who may impress consumers and end users with their expertise but leave them without the specific skills they need to take energy conservation action.


Participatory skill-building training that ensures consumer and end users have practiced so they know exactly what to do to conserve energy and leave ready to take action.