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It doesn’t have to be difficult to Deal with Difficult People

Just like rain on a gloomy day, it can be hard to avoid dealing with difficult people. So, how do you keep your cool and manage the interaction to a mutually satisfactory conclusion?

In this online course, you will define the behavioral characteristics and underlying needs of difficult people, assess situations in which you effectively handled a difficult person, review five steps for handling difficult people, determine and calmly respond to inflammatory words or behaviors that can trigger your defensive reactions, analyze the impact of your personal values on your ability to effectively deal with difficult people, use active listening to defuse and redirect difficult conversations, and practice handling a difficult person.


How to Manage Change in Your Business for Smooth Transitions

Change always triggers resistance, which can lead to frustration and even failure. Therefore, mastering change management is a crucial skill for every business leader, entrepreneur, and manager.

In this online course, you will define effective change management, explain the consequences if change isn’t handled well, review eight steps in a change management process, assess why employees resist change, ensure an effective and supported decision, discuss the three questions to introduce change, and prepare a change management plan.