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What I’ve learned from my international travels

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Pack all medications and a complete change of clothing

Wear compression stockings for long flights

Bring your own water bottle onto the plane

If you will be changing airlines, check to see how your baggage will be handled

If you will have a long layover, check to see if there is a Yotel in the airport

Realize that other countries use different power, so make sure you have an adapter that will handle it. If you don’t have an adapter, the hotel will most likely be able to provide one free of charge.

If you won’t be able to use your cell phone in another country, make sure to pack it where you can find it easily upon your return … Read the rest

Amman Travelogue – 2017

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This is my first full day in Amman. I’ve spent most of it sleeping, since I can’t sleep on the trip over.

It is 23 C outside, or 73 F. I’m looking outside at a brilliant sunlit city- through a very dusty window. I haven’t gone outside because I needed to:

Visit the room where the training will be held. It is the Crystal Ballroom and that is exactly what it is- a ballroom. There will be plenty of space for the 24 participants and any activities (such as the relay race and gallery walks) I’ve planned.

It takes me at least 1.5 hours to set up a training room: put the kites and agenda map on the wall; … Read the rest

France Travelogue – 2016

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September 3, 2016

Hello, before I tell you about our jam packed day today, I have to add some other tidbits I forgot to mention.

First, the restaurant bathroom was unisex, with one stall for men, one stall for women and a sink all in the same small room. To say we weren’t expecting that would be an understatement. But we managed then and again today in a museum restroom.

Second, more about Napoleon. The reason why he always posed with his hand in front of his waist was not because of ego, it was because of intense stomach pain. When he posed, he was pressing against his stomach to ease some of the pain.

12 years after he died … Read the rest

Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Jenny, Seth and I have been at the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites since midday on Saturday, August 13. We came here on a Costco all-inclusive package deal and it has been absolutely wonderful.

Although I was concerned that we would be sharing one room, it has two beds and one fold out couch that Seth appropriated and finds very comfortable.

The food is delicious. We eat in the buffet for breakfast and lunch and then go to a specialty restaurant onsite for dinner. Room service is available 24 hours a day and all drinks are free. We haven’t had occasion to use room service but Seth has definitely although moderately enjoyed the drinks. Even Jenny and I broke down … Read the rest

Dubai Travelogue – 2015

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Dubai, November 17, 2015

I’m sorry that I haven’t written until now. I was exhausted when I left Madison, WI and have been trying to get some sleep at night to keep going during the day.

The following will be snatches of information in no particular order:

There are two women who are Emiratis who work in the ministry who have been attending the training-both the basic technical trainer’s toolbox training and now the advanced: accelerated learning and tomorrow- how to avoid learner overload.

They are very young and seem umbilically attached to their phones. They wear exquisite abayas (long robes) and hijabs (black veils). They look lovely. To start the accelerated learning training, I gave everyone a small car … Read the rest

Amman and Dubai Travelogue – 2015

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January 15-16, Travel to Amman

This is my third trip to Amman and, as with all of my international travels bar none, it came with complications.

I flew from Madison to Chicago, where I had to wait 4 hours to get the flight to Frankfurt, Germany. The flights were uneventful. The time in the Frankfurt airport was ridiculous. First, of all, I had two very heavy carry-on bags with me that I had to schlep up and down steps. The airport is absolutely enormous- so you walk and walk and walk and walk, up and down escalators, until you climb up some stairs- and there is a tram. When you walk and walk some more until you get to the … Read the rest