I think Deb did an outstanding job. I had taken Bob Pike’s Training Boot Camp before this class and I learned so much more here. She is an excellent facilitator and I learned a ton! Edward J. Valle, Manager of Training Con-Way Freight Western

Deb taught me that passion, extensive topic knowledge and expertise are not a substitute for great training and facilitation skills – which are learned skills of which she is a masterful teacher. No matter how long you have been in the business, this is a “must do” class if you want others to truly learn and use what you are so passionate about teaching. Sally Anders, President RealSolutions

In my nearly 20 years of training, this program gave me more clarity and useful tools for facilitating and designing programs than any other I have attended. The level of learning was phenomenal. The tools and tips are something that I can use immediately. The feedback was very insightful and again, something that I can put into practice. I recommend this program to all trainers, regardless of their experience level.” Jackie Hardy Training Director, CUNA Credit Union

“This is a perfect way to learn how to prepare and facilitate training- both technical and interpersonal. It leads to a positive learning experience from which all participants can leave feeling that they are ready to take the next step on their own. Knowing that there is support afterwards completes the positive experience. I would recommend this class to new trainers, as well as experienced trainers. There is always something new to learn that can only enhance the participants’ job as “facilitators.” Kathy Carney Training Director, Hawthorne Credit Union

I have attended three of Deborah Laurel’s trainings and coordinated many more for our WI Department of Correction trainers. Deb’s trainings are dynamic, interesting, useful, inspiring, fantastic, and interactive. At times they are even painful, (in a good way), as they will stretch your mind and help you grow stronger as a trainer and facilitator.

This is not a class for sissies- come prepared to engage, work your brain, think outside of the box, and leave a stronger trainer than you were when you walked into her training. You will hear music to get you fired up, see visual stimuli to get a jump start on your learning, and have treats to keep you well fueled.

I still refer to her manual- “Increasing Training Effectiveness” most every time I am creating curriculum for WI Department of Correction staff here at the training center. I hear “honor the learner,””tell them what they need to know and how it will affect their job,” “match your learning objectives to the learning level you need” in my head when I am preparing for a training.

You will love this training and the trainer. Deb is awesome. Linda Zimbelman ABT Director, Wis. Dept of Corrections

I attended your “Train the Trainer” Program in Manhattan a few weeks ago.  I really took to heart what was taught, practiced and learned during the training. I added the colorful charts, a good agenda, toys and giveaways, the gallery walk from chart to chart, koosh balls, pop ups, music, cartoons and lots of audience participation. I facilitated two 3- hour People Skills Workshops for IT professionals at my office. I got high scores on my survey, which I did not hand out last!!! The manager was happy. The participants expressed that it was much more fun than they thought it would be. They set goals to use what was learned. All in all it was fantastic! 

Because of your training techniques, I enhanced my training and facilitation skills 100%. No kidding!  I used what you taught and would recommend your training to anyone who needs to learn how to train, facilitate or needs to learn anything.

Thank you Deb for all the great learning!!! Wendy Richmond People Services and Organizational Development Consultant, CUnet

I must tell you that you have really messed things up for me. Let me explain. Since I went to your training, you have raised the bar of what I hope/expect to get out of a seminar; things like an interactive format with lots of opportunity to practice/apply what I’m  learning. I’ve gone to a few 1 day seminars and a 2 day seminar on different topics. And, I’m often disappointed when I leave. I find myself getting yearning for that chance to take my learning to at least the “application” level. But, many seminars seem to be set up with the goal of only the “knowledge” level. Well, I’m very excited about having had the opportunity to be in one of your courses. And, now that I’ve gone to others, I’m even more grateful for your approach. Thank you for making sure that your participants are engaged. Wende Sanders MSHR, HR Generalist II, Guilford-Friendship

You have a gift for delivering and designing learning. Not only did I have a blast in your workshop, the interactive nature of your workshop design ensured that I retained far more than I would have with more traditional learning methods. I have used so many tools from that workshop in my job. You are a natural for designing learning. You very quickly can identify the goal of the training, can work through powerful learning objectives, and then rapidly put together effective interactive activities to ensure knowledge transfer. Your approach to learning is clear, logical, and compelling. Thank you for sharing your gift for delivering and designing training with me! I feel blessed to have a mentor with such skill available to me as a new learning and development person. I would love to continue to learn from you!! Kim Robinson Manager of Learning and Development, Sage Publications

Thanks Deb! I truly enjoyed the program and have suggested it to many of my colleagues so far! I think you did an excellent job in facilitating this program and I learned so much not only about proper training methods but about myself as well!

I actually attended the Bob Pike Boot Camp and I can truly say I learned much more from your class. I think the fundamental differences relate directly to you as the facilitator and your sincerity in the transfer of learning. Ed Valle Manager of Training, Con-way Freight Western

Thanks for the promised materials – your class is going to be SO helpful in making our training classes more fun and productive.  We have 4 PowerPoint presentations that we give one after the other and I have had the hardest time doing these presentations because I have found them so boring.  Now I am breaking them up with Jeopardy and worksheets and brainstorming in hope of keeping the class as well as myself awake. Your class will make a big difference in how we present our information. Kathy Fraser Technical Trainer, Data Innovations North America

Wisconsin DOT’s Compass program hired Deborah Laurel for two interrelated projects over two years. As Compass’ program manager, I was delighted with Deb’s work and would recommend her highly to anyone considering a similar project.

We hired Deb to create a fairly technical training on a new program and to train the folks who would deliver that training – none of whom had any previous professional training experience. We had a short time frame, a combination of technical and program information to convey, and an audience that needed to be handled firmly, respectfully and honestly. The future of our young, high-profile program depended in large part on the success of this training.

Deb provided a workshop on adult learning, worked with us to understand our key messages and our audience, designed the training, created detailed scripts and materials, walked us through a dry run, and coached us through the actual training. We successfully trained 19 people across 8 counties to “rate the roads.” Deb came back next year to help us update the materials and to bring on board three new trainers. This time we successfully trained 112 people across 65 counties.

In both years, we went into the training with confidence in our presentation and effectiveness, and rightly so. That second year, despite the fact that it was a mandatory training – and many of the participants were at best reluctant to be there – 86% of raters agreed after rating the roads that “training adequately prepared me to consistently rate the roads.” 90% gave positive reviews to the trainers.

Colleagues who took Deb’s train-the-trainer and training design classes completed anonymous evaluations at the end of the class. In these, they applauded her classes: “Extremely well organized with an invigorating mix of doing & listening (and laughing).” “DOT got more than their money’s worth.”

They applauded their own learning: “Wide variety of tools to engage listeners, and insights into how we learn.” “This will be useful in many aspects of life.”

And they praised Deb: “Outstanding, upfront and open.” “Extremely able, adaptable, quick witted, and delightful.” “Excellent!!!” “Relaxed & casual, helped us learn easier.” “Very knowledgeable and humorous. Interacts well with people and involves everyone a lot in the training.” “Flexible to our needs. Good sense of humor.” “Provided many examples outstanding examples, had fun.” “Did a good job of answering concerns.” “Fantastic.” Alison S. Lebwohl Compass Program Manager, Wisconsin Department of Transportation


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