How Your Small Business Can Adapt and Grow
Through the COVID-19 Crisis
by Elena Stewart

If you pay much attention to the news, the forecast for small businesses going through the COVID-19 crisis seems to be all gloom and doom, at first glance. But when you take a closer look, there are lots of small businesses that are adapting to the challenges they’ve been thrown. They’re doing this successfully, partly because they’re being creative, and partly because they’re taking advantage of the resources that exist to help small businesses. One of the best things we can all do right now is learn from each other, which is why we’ve provided some of our favorite ideas that have worked for others.

The first thing any business should do is explore their options. Seek out sources of financial assistance because that influx of cash can make a huge difference. Then think creatively about how you can reach customers, keep clients, and even grow. Read more>>>

Six New Virtual Training Courses for Winter 2021

Managing Under Different Roofs

Take the Pain Out of Remote Delegation

Identify why supervisors should delegate: explore why they don't; and explain how to delegate effectively.

Manage Your Stress Before It Manages You or Your Staff!

Employees have four lives: work, family, social, and personal. Today, the lines separating those four lives are blurred and almost nonexistent.

What Impression are You Giving?

Learn how to make a good professional impression in virtual meetings.

Solve the Remote Office Challenge: Employee Motivation

Using interactive exercises, the participants will learn when and how to use the seven tools in the supervisor's motivational tool kit to accomplish desired results.

Six Steps to Yes: When You Need Instant Influence in a Virtual World

Now that companies are operating virtually, it is more difficult to create trusting relationships.

Take a Healthy Look at Conflict

This one-day virtual skill-building workshop is designed to help individuals who want to improve their ability to manage conflict.

Do you want your business to be successful?

  • Is performance lagging because your managers or employees need new skills?
  • Are employees complaining that your training programs are a waste of time?
  • Is death by PowerPoint a common occurrence?
  • Would you like your employees to leave your training programs with practical skills they can use immediately?
  • Would you like your trainers to facilitate quality programs that effectively achieve learning and performance goals?
  • Would you like a simple way to convert lecture into engaging participatory learning?
Laurel and Associates, Ltd. can help you build managerial, employee development and technical skills through the design and delivery of participatory classroom training programs. We can also teach your trainers how to quickly design and then effectively facilitate high quality skill-building and attitude-changing training programs.

What You Get

Laurel and Associates, Ltd. of Madison, Wisconsin is a certified woman-owned small business dedicated to building the skills needed for employee, managerial and organizational success. When you work with Laurel and Associates, Ltd. we guarantee the following or your money back: 
  • Your subject matter experts will design curriculum in a quick and effective process
  • Your supervisors and employees will gain practical skills that they can use immediately
  • Your trainers will facilitate quality programs that effectively achieve their learning goals
  • Your committees will work collaboratively to achieve their desired results
  • Your managers will develop the competence and confidence they need as leaders

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