84% of U.S. workers say that poorly trained managers create a lot of unnecessary work and stress.          Is this true of your managers?

Ready for Results? Invest in Skill-Building Training

Laurel and Associates, Ltd. can help you build managerial, employee development and technical skills through the design and delivery of participatory classroom and virtual training programs. We also provide train-the-trainer programs that will teach your trainers how to effectively design and facilitate high quality training programs.

Eight Urgent Signals Your Organization Needs to Train Your Managers

Since 75% of employees leave their jobs voluntarily because of a poor manager, it’s a good idea to recognize the warning signs that a manager needs to learn better management and interpersonal communication skills.  Otherwise, your organization cannot ensure continued growth, productivity, and profitability.

Here are eight urgent signals that your manager is not performing well:

  1. Stagnating productivity, resulting in loss of customers and profitability.
    Your managers need to learn how to inspire and connect with their teams to boost productivity and streamline operations.
  2. Conflict and communication breakdowns, resulting in an unstable workforce. Better interpersonal communication skills will help your managers bridge gaps, open dialogue, and constructively resolve disputes.
  3. Difficulty meeting deadlines, resulting in disrupted schedules and dissatisfied customers. Your managers need to develop skills in time management, planning, and resource allocation to ensure timely project completion.
  4. Poor decisions, resulting in ill-considered actions with negative consequences. Your managers need to learn how to make timely and informed decisions, streamline processes, and improve productivity.
  5. High employee disengagement and turnover, resulting in increased absenteeism and the loss of your high performers and institutional knowledge. Learning good management practices will enable your managers to create a positive work environment where they recognize and encourage your employee potential, build loyalty, and reduce turnover of your employees.
  6. Escalating grievances and complaints, resulting in a contentious workplace. Your managers need to learn how to communicate goals and expectations more clearly and treat your employees with respect and consideration.
  7. Inhibited innovation and growth, resulting in lagging behind in the business arena. Management training will help your managers become comfortable with delegating, accepting mistakes as learning opportunities, and guiding their teams towards creative solutions.
  8. Lack of leadership collaboration, resulting in confusion, conflict, and competing agendas. Management training will help your management team recognize their shared values, align their leadership approaches, and establish a sense of unity.

Each of these eight indicators is an urgent signal that your managers are not performing well and need better management and interpersonal communication skills. Addressing these signals through management training can enhance an organization’s performance and profitability. An investment in management training is an investment in the current and future success of your organization.

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The Not-So-Hidden Costs of Untrained Managers

Middle managers are the backbone of business. It’s up to them to translate policies and procedures and to manage the employee experience to ensure that programs achieve their goals and customers’ needs are met.


Management Development Services

Employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. And if the employees are unhappy and don’t leave, their morale and productivity plummet. You know you have a problem if your customer complaints have increased, more production deadlines aren’t being met, and your revenue is down. Can you afford for this to continue?

My name is Deborah Laurel and I’m the President of Laurel and Associates, Ltd.

If your managers are struggling and your employees are thinking of jumping ship, it will cost you 6 to 9 months of the employee’s salary to fill each vacancy.

Isn’t it time to see that your managers have the managerial and interpersonal skills they need to create a positive and productive work environment, so employees want to stay and, even better, do their best?

I bring practical experience with developing managers in a variety of different industries, based on my years as a management consultant and as an adjunct instructor in the Executive Management Institute and the Small Business Development Center in the School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I offer three packages to help your managers learn how to manage:

Package A is a five-day management development program that builds and reinforces necessary management skills in communication, delegation, motivation, coaching, and team building. An additional five days are scheduled a month later for follow up and reinforcement.

Five added values of this program:

  1. Employee morale will improve.
  2. Employee productivity will increase.
  3. You will save the cost of replacing employees.
  4. Production or service goals will be met.
  5. Potential applicants will be attracted to the company.

Package B is a three-day management development program that builds and reinforces necessary management skills in communication, motivation, and delegation. An addtional three days are scheduled a month later for follow up and reinforcement.

Five added values of this program:

  1. Less problems will result due to miscommunication.
  2. Employees will be more highly motivated to work at their potential.
  3. By delegating effectively, the managers will be able to perform at a higher level.
  4. >Employee performance and productivity will increase.
  5. Customer service will improve as employees are allowed to make decisions.

Package C is a one-day management development workshop that addresses a specific skill deficit and is selected from our menu of management courses. These include but are not limited to coaching, communication, conflict resolution, delegation, motivation, performance management, change management, and team building. An additional day is scheduled a month later for follow up and reinforcement.

Five added values of this package:

  1. Manager-employee relationships will improve.
  2. Managers will feel more confident in their ability to manage.
  3. Employee morale will improve.
  4. Employee productivity will increase.
  5. Employee retention will increase.

When we have worked together, you will have identified the specific concerns you have regarding your managers’ skill sets and the results you desire. Your managers will have participated in the workshops, developed the desired skills, and used them to create an engaged and productive workforce. They will have been held accountable for increasing employee morale, productivity, and retention.

Managers are not born, they’re made. If they’re not made well, your en:re company suffers the cost. You can’t afford that. Avoid having to let them go. Give them the training they need.

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