Designing Participant-Centered Curriculum

Learn how to:
  • determine what content to cover in the time available
  • make difficult concepts more accessible
  • create a logical coherent flow to the training
  • attract and keep participant interest, even in mandatory highly technical or refresher classes
  • meet the needs of different learning styles, and
  • increase the probability that learning will be retained and applied after your workshops
This comprehensive curriculum design workshop is engaging and effective:
You have a gift for delivering and designing learning. Not only did I have a blast in your workshop, the interactive nature of your workshop design ensured that I retained far more than I would have with more traditional learning methods. I have used so many tools from that workshop in my job. You are a natural for designing learning. You very quickly can identify the goal of the training, can work through powerful learning objectives, and then rapidly put together effective interactive activities to ensure knowledge transfer. Your approach to learning is clear, logical and compelling. Thank you.Kim Robinson, Manager of Learning and Development Sage Publications

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