How to Design an Accelerated Learning Program

This two-day skill-building Accelerated Learning Training workshop is designed to help trainers create more effective participant-centered program content and increase the probability that learning will occur through the facilitation of accelerated participatory learning. It incorporates the UCLA Mastery Teaching Model, recent brain research and accelerated learning principles to provide information about and practice with professional instructional decisions and techniques that research has demonstrated will accelerate and improve adult learning.

During this program, participants will learn and practice applying accelerated learning training skills to meet the needs of learners and effectively achieve the desired results of their training programs.

Different participant-centered accelerated learning activities are used and modeled throughout this skill-building program so that the participants: (1) experience the activities from a participant’s perspective, (2) observe how the activities are facilitated, and (3) design their own accelerated learning activities for their programs.

During Day One, participants will review effective learning program characteristics, test learning assumptions, discuss accelerated learning principles, and practice using learning activities that engage the emotions using metaphors and engage the different senses.

During Day Two, participants will select learner-centered learning activities, design and experience more accelerated learning activities, discuss how to transform their training programs, and create a design blueprint that outlines projected learning activities.

At the conclusion of the program, the participants will have designed a variety of participant-centered accelerated learning activities to incorporate into their programs.