Our Tailored Programs


Our skill-building instructor-led classroom training programs are tailored to meet client needs and use participatory learning techniques based on the UCLA Mastery Teaching Model, adult learning principles, accelerated learning and evidence-based research.

These competency-based programs are highly interactive, employing a variety of learning activities such as: large and small group brainstorming, self-assessments, case studies, questionnaires, action planning, problem solving, simulations, games, and hands on practice. PowerPoint slides are used to complement the training by emphasizing key points. There is no content in the PowerPoint that is not already in the participant workbook.

We create a detailed facilitator guide that includes the agenda, learning objectives, explanations of learning activities, required additional materials, time frames, and training alternatives if times get too short. In addition, the facilitator guide explains the focus of the program, key points to emphasize, how to create a positive learning environment, make assignments, and facilitate learning activities. Depending upon the needs of the instructors, we may also provide lecturettes or scripts.

Given the fact that we design practical skill-building training programs that are highly participant-centered, we also offer a train-the-trainer program. This prepares the instructors to successfully facilitate the modules- and gives them an opportunity to practice facilitating activities from the modules. If the organization requests, we either certify the instructors or recommend which instructors would be most effective.