Tip #1034: How to Help Managers Who Don’t Manage

In previous Tips,  we looked at the three major reasons why managers don’t manage: they are uncomfortable with their role and responsibilities; they lack confidence in their decisions; or they simply don’t know what to do. It is also problematic when they are isolated from the knowledge, experience and support of other managers.

According to Laurence Karsh, the President of SHL Americas, an organization’s human capital is its most important asset. The positive impact made by a single motivated and skilled manager can have a positive impact on businesses of any size.

On the other hand, the burden of people performing below par — the hours spent correcting mistakes, the money wasted on unproductive performance, and the costs of having to recruit and train replacement staff – has a negative impact on the bottom line.

In order to ensure that your managers have the training and resources necessary to meet the needs of employees, the challenge is to find accessible and effective management training that will build the managers’ comfort, confidence and capabilities.

Laurel and Associates, Ltd. provides practical skill-building training programs that educate and engage managers through hands-on, results-oriented learning activities.

We work with upper management to identify the performance gaps. We then develop relevant content and learning activities that build practical and immediately applicable skills.

The managers learn and practice these interpersonal communication and management skills.

Then, again working with upper management,  we follow up to ensure that their subordinate managers’ new skills are applied and reinforced on the job.

Schedule a conversation with our principal, Deborah Laurel, who has over 50 years of national and international management consulting and management development experience.

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