We provide workplace learning and performance training and consulting services to support organizational success. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Training Needs Assessment- We investigate to determine if training is the appropriate solution and, if so, identify the performance gaps, the relevant content and the target audience.
  • Curriculum Design- We specialize in working with subject matter experts to transform technical lecture-based training into interactive participant-based training proven to be more effective in building skills.
  • Training Program Design- We excel in prioritizing and organizing multiple and diverse content areas to create a cohesive and effective skill building training series.
  • Training Delivery – Our skill-building training is tailored to meet client needs and uses participatory learning techniques based on the UCLA Mastery Teaching Model, adult learning principles, accelerated learning and evidence-based research.
  • Train the Trainer- We help experienced and novice trainers create more effective program content, increase the probability that learning will occur through a variety of learning activities and audiovisual aids, and facilitate more effective presentations.
  • Program Specific Train the Trainer- We ensure that trainers have the expertise and capability to facilitate highly technical and specialized training content.
  • Trainer Coaching and Mentoring- We provide ongoing support to trainers in order to develop and strengthen their presentation and facilitation skills.
  • Trainer Certification- We assess trainer performance against best practice criteria to certify trainers to deliver highly technical or specialized training programs.
  • Training Program Audit- We use a proven collaborative audit process, working with audited trainers to review and improve the quality and effectiveness of their training decisions so that desired learning goals are met.