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Ask us about our customized training programs.

We will be happy to design or tailor and deliver participant-based classroom training that meets your specific learning needs. For more information, contact Deborah Laurel.

Workshop Listing by Topic Category


1. Assertive Communication
2. Building Self Esteem
3. Dealing With Difficult People

Business Growth

4. Business Counseling Fundamentals
5. What It Means to Grow Your Business

Business Management

6. Assessing the Impact of Personality on Business Decisions
7. Business Planning: How to Get Your Business Where You Want to Go
8. How to Keep Your Business Healthy
9. Strengthen Your Business Management Skills
10. The Secrets of Business Success

Career Development

11. Enhancing Interview Skills
12. Pre-Supervisory Training: So You Want to be a Supervisor?

Change Management

13. Building Employee Coping Skills
14. Coping with Change
15. Coping With Change: A Survivor’s Guide
16. Managing Change: Riding the Waves

Coaching and Mentoring

17. Coaching for Success
18. Internal Consulting
19. Making the Most of Your Mentoring Relationship


20. Active Listening Skills: Now Hear This!
21. Building Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills
22. Communicating Non-Defensively
23. Interpersonal Communication Strategies
24. Persuasive Communication Techniques
25. Six Steps to Yes: When You Need Instant Influence

Conflict Management

26. Accentuating the Positive Through Constructive Controversy
27. Building Consensus on Sticky Issues
28. Conflict Management Strategies
29. Dealing with Difficult People
30. Getting Past No: How to Negotiate with Difficult People
31. Negotiation Skills: How to Work It Out Without Working Each Other Over

Customer Service

32. Coping, Surviving and Thriving: Handling Difficult Customers
33. Customer Service and Regulatory Control: Combustible or Compatible?
34. Providing Quality Customer Service

Direction and Supervision

35. Leadworker Training: If You Lead, Will They Follow?
36. Optimizing Leadworker Effectiveness
37. Supervisory Tools – One-Day Workshop | Two-Day Workshop
38. Taking the Pain Out of Delegation
39. The Supervisor’s Motivational Tool Kit

Financial Basics for Medical Practice Owners

40. Determine Costs and Profitability in Your Medical Practice
41. Develop an Operating Budget
42. Finance a Healthy Medical Practice
43. Manage Payments and Collections
44. Manage Your Cash Flow

Group Process

45. Group Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques
46. Successful Group Facilitation
47. Team Leadership/Facilitator Training

Interpersonal Relations

48. Bridging the Generation Gap
49. How to Make the Issue of Gender Less Tender

Management and Leadership

50. Inspire Magic: Create and Sustain a Positive Work Environment
51. Lightening Up for Creative Management
52. Managing Your Stress Before It Manages You or Your Staff
53. Managing, Understanding and Motivating Employees
One Day Workshop | Two Day Workshop

 Management Basics for Medical Practice Owners

54. Basic Financial Management
55. Effective Management of Medical Records
56. Effective Management of Medications and Medical Supplies
57. Ensure Quality in Your Health Practice
58. Risk Management in Your Health Practice

Marketing Basics for Medical Practice Owners

59. Analyze Your Market
60. Fund Your Health Practice
61.Market Your Health Practice
62. Price Your Products and Services

Medical Training Institutions

63. Basic Academic Quality Management
64. Basic Budget Management
65. Basic Facility and Records Management
66. Basic Human Resource Management
67. Basic Marketing and Stakeholder Management

Organizational Culture

68. Building Respectful Work Relationships
69. Building Employee Skills to Prevent Sexual Harassment
70. How to Keep Your Relationships With Key Stakeholders Healthy
71. Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Proactive Approach
72. Staffing Meetings: Pulling the Strings From Behind the Scenes
73. We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This!

Organizational Development

74. An Appreciative Inquiry Approach to Strategic Planning
75. Creating an Intrepreneurial Organization
76. Finding, Selecting and Retaining Employees
77. How to Hire the Right Person
78. Successful Selection Interviewing Skills

Performance Management

79. How to Conduct a Performance Appraisal Interview
80. Supervisor-Friendly Performance Management

Personal Management

81. Balancing Work and Home
82. How to Keep Yourself Healthy
83. How to Spring the Time Trap
84. Managing Your Stress Before It Manages You!
85. Transforming Anger into a Positive Tool

Presentation Skills

86. Effective Presentation Skills
87. Presentation Skills: Be Your Informative or Persuasive Best!

Quality Management Basics for Medical Practice Owners

88. Ensure Quality at Every Stage of a Patient’s Experience
89. Establish a Patient-Safety Culture


90. Building a Positive Partnership
91. Building an Effective Management Team


92. Auditing for Quality Training Decisions
93. Designing Participant-Centered Curriculum
94. Designing and Delivering Attitude-Changing Learning
95. How to Avoid Learner Overload
96. Increasing Training Effectiveness
97. Teaching Best Practices
98. Technical Trainer’s Toolbox
99. Designing and Delivering Dynamic Learning