Tip #623: Photofunia for Fun Photos

“It’s a visual world and people respond to visuals.” Joe Sacco

Here is a wonderful free site where you can put your text or your photos onto a huge variety of photos and then use them in participant materials and/or PowerPoint slides: http://www.photofunia.com

This is how Joan Stewart described in SpeakerNet News:

“You can put your face (or someone else’s) on a Wanted poster, on a Times Square billboard, wearing a chef’s hat, in a Santa costume waving your arms and making angels in the snow, on a museum banner, on the front page of a newspaper, and more. You can place your text (just a word or two) on a hot air balloon, on a movie theater marquee, on a Christmas tree ornament, on a lapel button, in neon lights on a giant billboard, and on a big screen behind a TV anchor to make it look like he’s reporting on a story about you.

I have used this tool to create fun photos for my PowerPoint slides, social media profiles, blog posts and more.”

There are over 485 possible choices, with photo “effects” drawn from such categories as: Halloween, cards, posters, galleries, drawings, magazines, celebrities, movies, professions, vintage, TV, and books, etc.

All you do is select the photo effect you want to use and then either type in your text or drag a photo of a person. The program hones in on the person’s face and incorporates it into the photo effect. Then you can download it for your own use, order a postcard or print, and/or share it with different social media platforms.

I had a blast playing around with it. For fun, I put one granddaughter’s face on a woman in vintage costume riding a horse, another granddaughter’s photo in a poster of a cat looking at her photo, my son’s face on a wanted poster and a friend on a poster at a train station.

I can’t wait to incorporate it into my training materials with subject-relevant photos and text, of course.

Please let me know how you use it!

May your learning be sweet.


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