Tip #249: Designing E-Learning

At a recent training in Scottsdale, Arizona, participants identified three different e-learning software programs. Although I have no personal experience with any of these programs, they assure me that they are very easy to use when designing e-learning.

The three software programs are: Articulate, Illuminate, and TraCorp.

If you have experience with any of these software programs or are familiar with any other e-learning software, we would appreciate your feedback or recommendations. Thanks!

Tip #249 Addendum

I’ve received some immediate responses to today’s Tip #249 on Designing E-Learning, including a timely offer of a free teleconference training on the use of Articulate on December 15th. Since our next Tip is published on that date, I thought it best to send this addendum out today so you can plan to attend, if that interests you.

First, an unsolicited testimonial for Articulate:

Karen Phillips of Ultradent wrote that: “We have and use Articulate software for our e-learning courses. It is very easy to use and can be done very quickly with your PPT slides you already train with. Our students really like this design and always look forward to seeing more in this application. ”

If you would like to know more about Articulate (and please know I have no association with this offering), Daniel Graham, a Trainer/Coordinator with the South Carolina Department of Transportation, sent in this information about the training:

“In reference to the E-Learning programs that you have discussed above, it has been my experience that Articulate is the most practical tool for e-learning course development. You can find out more about Articulate by attending the following web-ex conference hosted by Brian Young of the Department of Social Services on ‘designing courses with Articulate’.

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Karen and Daniel, thank you both for your helpful information!

Beth Eberhardt from Maricopa Community College was kind enough to send in a clarification about both the spelling and purpose of Elluminate:

To clarify, Elluminate is actually an interface to facilitate a live webinar or presentations can be used to within Blackboard or another type of LMS. For additional information: click here.”

Janis Taylor, Technical Training Developer for PMCC- Product Lifecycle Data Management at Philips Healthcare, suggested an additional e-learning software, Adobe Captivate, that she likes but cautions is less than intuitive:

I use Adobe Captivate to develop eLearning. I use it to record the use of new features or functionality in our homegrown software applications.

I combine the demo with voice-over instructions and on-screen tips. I’m still pretty new at it. I hesitate to call it ‘training.’ Instead I bill the things as ‘automated demonstrations.’ The user community seems to like them. Many users report running the demo and the live system hand in hand and practicing as they go.

I had to take a two-day training class after purchasing the software, since I couldn’t figure it out on my own.

Biggest tip? Keep them short!! Better to record three five minute ‘movies’ (as they call them) than one fifteen minute movie.

Thank you, Beth and Janis!

If other suggestions and responses come in, I’ll include them in next week’s Tip. I just didn’t want you to miss the Articulate teleconference training on the 15th.


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