Tip #203: Break-Time Boogie

There is a very cute timer animation called Break-Time Boogie that I use in my programs. With music and animation, it adds characters as the minutes count down- either for 10 or 15 minutes. It is fun, the music is upbeat, and it beats the monotony of a countdown clock or timer projected on the screen.

Kathy Fraser attended a train-the-trainer program I facilitated in New York City before Christmas and was interested in getting a copy for her company. I told her I had purchased it from Trainer’s Warehouse. On January 2nd, she discovered that it was no longer available and contacted me to see whether there was another place that sold it. I contacted a Trainer’s Warehouse representative, Lonnie, who gave me the sad news that it was a program they had produced in-house but discontinued. Apparently, focus group feedback had indicated it was too unsophisticated and limited.

I explained that I train new trainers every month around the country who would love to use the program and would not be disappointed with its limitations. I also told the representative that there were no other timer animations available right now to my knowledge, after a lengthy Google search- and that Trainer’s Warehouse was missing a huge and eager market for the program.

Well, on January 3rd, Lonnie called me back to say they had reconsidered their decision to stop producing the program- and it was entirely possible that they might reintroduce it very soon. How’s THAT for listening to customers???!!

This message came on January 17th:

“Hey Deb,

I thought I’d let you know that I emailed Trainer’s Warehouse yesterday and asked them about Break-Time Boogie. I received a reply today from Joyce that it will be definitely coming back. It will be available in about two weeks, sell for $10 and the code will be SOBGY. Pass on the good news!


Thanks, Kathy!

So, I am now officially passing on the good news: a fun countdown animation program available in both PC and Mac-compatible versions- at an amazingly low price!

Here’s to Trainer’s Warehouse, for their wonderful, prompt and positive response to customer feedback!

Now, please show them I was right about there being a market for the product and go get one for yourself!!!  The website is <http://www.trainerswarehouse.com/>. [Disclaimer: Please note that I am not connected in any way with Trainer’s Warehouse, nor do I benefit from any purchases on the site.]

And if you know of any other countdown animation programs, please let us know!!

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