Tip #190: Useful Training Resources #1

What I have missed most about using PowerPoint on an LCD projector instead of using an overhead projector is the ability to note down participant responses to various activities during the session. Of course, if the group is relatively small, I can post their responses on a flip chart. However, if the group is larger than 35 participants, I need to write VERY BIG- and even then, it is unlikely that folks in the back of the room can read it easily. And if the group numbers 60 +, a flip chart is just not a viable option.
Therefore, I was delighted to discover the fact that I could use a pen tablet to actually add participant feedback to PowerPoint slides during a training session! I am sure there are other manufacturers, but the one that I use is the WACOM Graphite Bluetooth pen tablet. It can be used on a Mac or a Windows system.

What I like about it is the fact that it communicates via Bluetooth between the LCD projector and the pen tablet, so it is wireless. The tablet is also very slim, so it can be packed into my laptop case.

I actually got the idea to research this capability after watching Bob Pike use a tablet with a very large group.

If anyone has had experience using a tablet and has some tips to offer, they would be very welcome. My experience is still quite limited.

Next week, we will continue a discussion of useful training resources with something that has enabled me to get to training locations with a minimum of hysteria while driving in new cities and states: a portable GPS!

Please be aware that I do not sell these products, nor do I receive any commission on their sale. They are simply items that make a trainer’s life easier!


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