Tip #1008: Their Path to Success Won’t Be Yours

We know that change is constant. It’s constant in life, it’s constant for human beings, and it’s constant for organizations.

Because change is constant, organizations that try to copy the paths to success that other organizations took are bound to fail. First, the organization that was initially successful is no longer the organization it was when first entering that path to success.

Second, the organization that is trying to copy the same path differs in many ways from the original organization.

This is not to say that the second organization won’t be successful- but its success will ultimately take a different path and look and feel different from the original organization’s success.

This is also true for individuals. I’m thinking particularly about solopreneurs.

There are a lot of us who attend webinars, classes, and mastermind groups lured by the promise of learning the six steps to effective LinkedIn lead generation, the five steps to successful sales, or the seven steps to great Google profiles.

The individuals who conduct these meetings are already highly successful, which is what attracts us to them in the first place. And they are sincere in their belief that, if something worked for them, it will work for others. In some rare instances, they may be right.

But we are all unique, with different expertise, personalities, and services. The very circumstances that led to others’ success have also changed, and we may be unable to replicate them.

For these reasons, what worked brilliantly for one solopreneur is unlikely to work brilliantly in the exact same manner for others.

The unhappy truth is that we can take bits and pieces of what led to others’ successes, but in the end we each have to find our own path.

May your learning be sweet,


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