Tip #996: “Surprise! We Choose You!”

A supervisor taps you on your shoulder and says: “Since you’re so good at what you do, we want you to start training other employees.”

So, you become an accidental trainer.

You meet with other employees and share what you know.

You soon notice a few problems:

  • Few seem to be paying attention to you
  • Nobody interacts with you when you ask a question
  • No one is using new skills on the job

You realize that even you would nod off if you had to sit through a lecture.

But that’s all you know to do.

No one showed you how to:

  • design interesting and engaging training
  • present that training so people will participate
  • ensure participants leave ready to use their new skills

You’re not alone. This happens all the time.

Want to do something about it? Sign up for my free virtual Training Mastery series.

May your learning be sweet.


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