Tip #994: Stop Talking Yourself Out of Delegating!

Supervisors and managers frequently talk themselves out of delegating, when, in truth, complete or partial delegation is possible. Below are typical reasons why delegation doesn’t happen. If you wanted to delegate to provide developmental opportunities for your employees in the situations below, what could you do?

  1. You are the only one with the necessary expertise to complete the project.
  2. Your employee seems unmotivated and complains about the lack of challenge in his or her                              job.
  3. Mistakes on the project would be very costly.
  4. None of your employees appears competent.
  5. Your staff is already overburdened with work.
  6. The project must be completed immediately, and you are the only one who can do it.
  7. The employee seems to lack confidence or interest in accepting a new assignment.
  8. You delegated once before, and the employee didn’t follow through on the assignment.
  9. There are too many crises to take time out to reassign the work.
  10. It will take too long to provide the necessary training before delegation can occur.
  11. You achieved your position on the basis of your unique expertise to perform that function.
  12. Your employee asks you to make a decision that you ordinarily expect him or her to make.

If your managers or supervisors are losing high performers or getting burnt out because they don’t know how or when to delegate, meet with me.

May your learning be sweet.


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