Tip #895: When Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

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“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” Vince Lombardi

Like many of you, I’ve had a steep learning curve regarding virtual tools. I keep hoping that I’ll get over the hump, but recent experience proves that I’m still climbing.

Recently, I was introduced to Mentimeter and Jamboard. I practiced moving from my PowerPoint slides to share Mentimeter or Jamboard. Each time, something went wrong. I forgot to have the sites keyed up so I could select them. I couldn’t find the right sites when I selected them. I had trouble seeing the green border that indicated the right screen. I lost my PowerPoint slides.

I practiced for hours and still couldn’t use the tools consistently or well. As one example out of many, it never once occurred to me that I had to select “share” so that the participants would be able to see the nifty word cloud created by their Mentimeter responses.

As a result, all that everyone saw was a blank screen where their thoughts and commitments were supposed to be. And I had no idea why- or how to fix it until days after the session was over.

I had wanted to impress a new client with my content knowledge and virtual skills, and I completely tripped over the technology. I really dropped the ball. Sigh.

The moral of my sad tale: Practice makes perfect only if you’re practicing the right things and are consistently getting better. Unfortunately, I didn’t, and I wasn’t.

What did I learn from this virtual nightmare?

  1. Read all the directions for the virtual tool.
  2. Watch videos to see how to use the tool.
  3. Take notes about what to have ready before a session and what to do during a session.
  4. Practice with friends and family who can report what they’re seeing, or not seeing, on the screen.
  5. Have the links handy and make sure to put them into chat.
  6. Have the relevant sites pulled up on my desktop.
  7. Know whether to select share screen or share new screen.
  8. Learn how to minimize PowerPoint so it’s easier to see the other sites to make a smooth transition.
  9. Remember to share results!!
  10. Stay calm. People are very forgiving.

Question: What helps you to master new digital tools? I can use all the tips I can get!!

May your learning be sweet-and safe.


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