Tip #879:  Facing My Imposter Syndrome

“We all walk this earth feeling we are frauds. The trick is to be grateful and hope the caper doesn’t end soon.” David Carr

I don’t feel like a fraud, but I am doubting myself.

I have tried to be a thought leader in learning and development by writing and publishing these Laurel Learning Tips. After 17 years and 878 Tips, I have a mailing list of 83 people and it’s stayed that way for many years.

Please understand, I value these 83 people enormously. I value you!  It just seems like a very low number, don’t you think?

Clearly, I’m doing something wrong. I give a lot of thought and often do a lot of research about the Tips I create. They must not resonate with my readers, because only one or two ever respond to the questions I pose.

I do post the Tips on social media (LinkedIn and Facebook), but to date no one has commented and no one new has signed up to receive them.

It’s finally time that I asked you, my loyal readers, some important questions.

I would appreciate it if you would click this link to complete the survey. It should take less than 4 minutes.


Thank you in advance!

May your learning be sweet- and safe.



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