Tip #851:  Collaboration Triumphs!

“Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds.” Alexander Graham Bell

I can’t believe how smoothly and effortlessly we collaborated on the final script. There was absolutely no ego or pride of ownership involved.

I had approached this evening meeting with great trepidation. As a solo practitioner, I haven’t had an opportunity for years to collaborate on a design project with more than one person. Faced with three different scripts, I was concerned about a long discussion to try to put one script forward or to interweave them.

To avoid disagreement, I went into the meeting open to using any of the scripts. Apparently, so did the other two members of our group. That we agreed on one script at the very beginning of our meeting was a great relief. Then it was exhilarating to bounce ideas off each other, always clear about our shared goal.

We spent most of our time making the actions for each narrated line more engaging and comical by adding background notes, characters, bubble clouds and captions.

We had scheduled two hours to finalize the script. We were done in 30 minutes, very pleased with the script and with ourselves. We sent the completed script to the group responsible for creating the storyboard a good 6 days ahead of our scheduled deadline. We also sent it to the group that will add the video content so they could start percolating ideas.

I’m delighted with our collaboration and the resulting script. I can’t wait to see the storyboard and the actual video!

May your learning be sweet- and safe.


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