Tip #49: Visual Engagement: A Wall Process Map

Jeff Anthony of Anthony Consulting has introduced me to the visual and organizational impact of a wall process map.

One use of a wall process map is to provide a picture of the agenda as it moves through the different topics. In essence, it is a colorful overview of the layout of a workshop. It is a wonderful visual to use in previewing the content that will be covered and in reviewing the content that has already been covered.

Depending on your skills and inclination, you can enhance your wall process map with pictures, images, and symbols, as well as words. You can see a basic example of a wall process map of an agenda on our website at laurelandassociates.com/workshop_materials/wall_process.zip.

Jeff also uses them in conferences and workshops when he feels that “there is a premium on capturing the motion and continuity of ideas. In the end, you wind up with a mural representing what people said as well as how it ‘looked.'[He believes] the imagery is as powerful as the ‘facts.'”

Jeff has also taught me that a nice way to end a workshop is by having the participants sign the wall process map. You just have to remember to leave enough time!

You can learn more about Jeff Anthony, who has a very creative visual flair and a very impressive range of services, at .

Next week, we will discuss the use of window panes.

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