Tip #38: Stay on task and on time when co-training

The fourth and last category to consider when co-training is how to stay on task and on time.


  1. Review the lesson plan, so that you know how much time is allotted to each section and all of the relevant content materials to be used;
  2. Respect the importance of the need for breaks;
  3. Follow the agenda and the lesson plan;
  4. Synchronize your watches;
  5. Watch the time and pace yourself; and
  6. Agree on a signal to discreetly let each other know when it’s time to bring a presentation to a close.


  1. Underestimate the amount of time group participation involves;
  2. Ignore scheduled starting and ending times;
  3. Go past your allotted time;
  4. Assume that taking “a few more minutes” to finish your section is acceptable, if you are running into the other trainer’s time slot;
  5. Rudely interrupt the other trainer;
  6. Shuffle your papers or wander to the front of the class in an effort to give the other person a “hint;” or
  7. Use disapproving body language or noises to get the presenter’s attention.

The four categories we have discussed over the past few weeks are just a few of the more typical areas of conflict for co-trainers.

Next week we will begin to look at different experiential training methods in depth.

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