Tip #35: Decide who will present each training section when co-training

Since the do’s and don’ts really come paired under key categories, we will look at them together. The first key category has to do with deciding who will present each training section.


Jointly determine who is responsible for each section.

It is entirely up to each teaching team to decide how to split the training responsibilities. It depends on your comfort level with the content, the methodology, and each other.

Possible options include any combination of the following:

  1. Play to each other’s strengths;
  2. Alternate every other section;
  3. Alternate every two sections;
  4. Alternate sessions; and/or
  5. Co-train all or certain sections


  1. Compete with each other;
  2. Try to create a lead/assistant hierarchy;
  3. Correct each other in front of the participants;
  4. Intervene while the other person is presenting;
  5. Remain in front of the classroom while the other person is training; or
  6. Unilaterally change the presentation line up.

Next week we will explore the do’s and don’ts regarding what the role of the non-presenter should be while the other trainer is presenting.

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