Tip #181: More Useful Countdown Timers

am so appreciative when you respond to these Tips and offer your expertise and great finds. Last week’s Tip discussed two countdown timers that I use on my Mac. Here is information about two more countdown timers that are PC-friendly from my friend Lori Becker:


The timer sounded like a great idea since I have trouble getting people to come back from breaks. So, I had to do some pc timer searches and found the following.

Cool Timer can be found on this website. The timer can be small or big on the screen. You can change its colors. You can download .wav files for the alarm. http://www.harmonyhollow.net/ct.shtml.

This is a ‘pizza timer”. It’s a cool shape and you can use MP3’s for the alarm.
Thanks for the neat idea!

Lori Becker”

Don’t they sound like fun to use? Thanks so much, Lori!

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