Tip #1027: Knowing What to Give Up

Once you realize that you can’t do it all, how do you decide what to delegate?

This process will help.

First, identify your top 1-3 key work goals or job expectations and list them in priority order, with #1 the highest priority.

Next, create a Time Use Assessment Table with six columns, A through F.

From left to right :

In Column A, list your key work activities in general terms (i.e., program administration, supervision, marketing, fund raising, etc.)

In Column B identify the percentage of time you actually spend on each activity. (Keep in mind that the total for this column should not exceed 100%!)

In Column C, rate your degree of expertise for this activity from 1 to 10, with 1 meaning no expertise and 10 meaning complete expertise.

In Column D, identify whether you have or can find someone to whom either this entire activity or a portion of the activity could possibly be delegated by a Yes or a No.

In Column E, enter the number of the priority to which this activity corresponds.

If the activity does not directly relate to a priority work goal, leave the column blank.

If Column B shows an inordinate amount of time is spent on an activity, if Column C is rated 6 or below, if there is a YES in Column D, and if Column E is blank, then put a check mark in Column F.

A check mark indicates that you should seriously consider delegating all or part of this activity.


If your limited expertise is causing you to waste precious hours doing something that is not a priority, perhaps it’s time to find someone with more expertise who can do it in half the time.

P.S. Try it out. Did you find responsibilities that you should delegate?

May your learning be sweet,


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