Tip #101: Training Content

The third step in the comprehensive nine step LESSON PLANning Process is:


This process is often referred to as a Task Analysis:

  1. Identify the skill and knowledge factors necessary to accomplish each of the training goals.*
  2. Differentiate the essential from the non-essential skill and knowledge factors, based on the training goals.
  3. Remedy any inconsistencies between factors that should be essential and the training goals by rewriting the goals.*
  4. Place the essential factors in a logical sequence.
  5. Remedy any gaps in the logical sequence of events by adding in the missing factors.

Please note that there are many checks and balances incorporated into the lesson design process. They begin with this step. In (a), you make sure that there is sufficient content to accomplish all of the established training goals. In (c), you have an opportunity to revise the goals if they do not allow you to address content that you consider critical to the learning.

Another note: although the lesson plan will be built around the essential content identified in (b), you may still want to keep notes on the content that was considered interesting but not essential. In the event that you need additional content for a training program, you can add exercises related to this “non” essential content.

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