Tip #1000: Stop Scrap Training!

There are still trainers who only lecture, boring their participants and themselves.

  • They’re frustrated.
  • No one is learning new skills.
  • It’s a waste of everyone’s time and money.

The trainers, often accidental trainers, just don’t know what to do about it.

That’s why I created the Training Mastery series, to fill in the gaps in trainers’ skill sets by:

  • introducing experiential and interactive learning activities
  • providing templates for quick and effective learning design
  • offering solutions to classroom management challenges

We meet virtually for a half hour every third Thursday of the month, at 11 am Central Time.

  • November 16th: we review how to use 8 art and 16 discussion activities.
  • December 21st: we look at how to use 9 dramatization and 15 written activities.
  • January 18th: we discuss how to use 16 movement activities and 14 games.

Expand your training methodology toolkit in a free virtual half-hour session once a month. Jane from Korea came at 1 am her time and found it worth the effort. You will, too.

Sign up at: http://mxnb.2.vu/1

May your learning be sweet.


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