Customized Training Program:

Pre-Supervisory Training: So You Want to Be a Supervisor?​

Customized Training Program Lengths Available: One-Day

This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop is designed to be an introductory program for individuals who are interested in becoming supervisors and brand new supervisors. It assists them in exploring their ability to define problems, generate solutions, and make the often difficult decisions that supervisors face. It includes information regarding the role and responsibilities of a supervisor, the importance of communication, team building and conflict management skills, and a six step supervisory model.

The intent of this workshop is to provide a situational experience for the participants so that they can not only define and explore the skills they need, but also determine their personal ability and comfort level in using those skills. The content of the workshop is structured around those roles or responsibilities identified by the participants as most difficult for them. The workshop also assists the participants in identifying the skills in which they may need additional training to better prepare them to function in a supervisory capacity.

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