Customized Training Program:

How to De-Escalate and Control Difficult Consumer Calls

Customized Training Program Lengths Available: One-Day

This one-day skill-building workshop enables staff who handle consumer complaints over the telephone to learn how to de-escalate and control the conversation in a manner that respects the callers’ needs while moving the call to a timely resolution.

Participants define what it means to de-escalate and control a consumer call; analyze the consequences if the consumer controls the call; discuss what a frustrated or angry consumer wants and needs; review basic telephone courtesy; explain how to depersonalize the conversation in order to stay objective and neutral; propose different tips to destress during difficult conversations; assess when to use five negotiation techniques to deflect personal attacks; suggest the most effective ways to use a six-step process to de-escalate and resolve a consumer call; practice what to do and what to say in order to control different difficult consumer complaint calls; and report their key take-away from the session.


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