Customized Training Program:

Financing a Healthy Medical Practice​

Customized Training Program Lengths Available:  Two-Day

This two-day skill-building participant-centered workshop is designed to help health practice owners learn and practice making the decisions that must be made to finance a healthy business, including: identifying the business goal; determining the investment needed to make the business operational; discussing the steps involved in obtaining business financing and the requisite record keeping; reviewing sources of financing and creating a financing plan; explaining how to position their business for bank financing; making cash flow plans and projections; discussing stock management and record keeping; discussing the information needed to stay open for business; practicing completing an income statement and a balance sheet; and explaining the difference between cash and profit.

On Day One, they learn business financing basics and apply them to finance a simulated medical practice.

On <b>Day Two</b>, they plan how to finance their own medical using the business financing basics, determine if their financial decisions have or will result in their being cash poor, and diagnose the financial health of their business.

New trainers learn how to develop a detailed participant-centered lesson plan and design participant exercises that meet the needs of diverse adult learners. Seasoned trainers also find the training beneficial because it updates them on training techniques and gives them other choices for learning activities to present material.

On Day One, the participants work through three steps of a six-step process to create lesson plans for their own learning programs.

On <b>Day Two</b>, the participants work through the last three steps of the six-step process to complete their lesson plans and then design learning activities and trainer instructions that they can use in their learning programs.

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