Customized Training Program:

Effective Presentation Skills​

Customized Training Program Lengths Available:  Two-Day

This two day skill building workshop is designed to develop and/or strengthen the participants’ presentation skills. Through interactive exercises, they will: (1) (re)discover basic adult learning principles; (2) propose strategies to engage the learner; (3) identify effective presentation techniques; and (4) make a series of impromptu and planned presentations, which will be video-taped for their later review.

During <b>Day One</b>, the participants identify the characteristics of effective training delivery; assess their assumptions about the learning process; complete a ten-question presentation planning worksheet; propose specific actions to create a positive learning environment; analyze effective stand-up presentation techniques; and give an impromptu stand up presentation;

During <b>Day Two</b>, the participants practice and assess stand-up presentation techniques; present a training module; and evaluate their training delivery skills.

The workshop uses participative exercises to allow the participants to learn and experience the five essential elements for productive team functioning: (1) positive interdependence, (2) individual accountability, (3) face-to-face interaction, (4) collaborative skills, and (5) group processing.

Day One focuses on enabling the participants to understand team dynamics. Using interactive exercises, the participants: assess the characteristics of an effective work team; experience the benefits of group process; analyze individual behavior that contributes to dysfunctional group behavior; explain the function of different group roles; assess the importance of positive interaction; apply guidelines for constructive controversy; review the dynamics of controversy and their effect on decision making; and identify the four types of communication styles and recognize their own style

Day Two provides practical skills the participants can use to make their teams work. Using interactive exercises, the participants: explain the basic steps in the rational problem solving/ decision making process; identify the two criteria by which to evaluate the potential effectiveness of a decision; describe three different techniques to identify the potential source of a problem; experience and assess seven different decision-making models; assess factors that interfere with effective listening and techniques to minimize or eliminate their effect; explain the three key concepts that define win/win negotiation; discuss the steps in an effective communication strategy; and list the five elements that are essential for productive team functioning.

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