Customized Training Program:

Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution

Customized Training Program Lengths Available: One-Day

This one-day skill-building workshop is designed to provide a six step strategy for preventing, managing, and resolving conflicts resulting from regulatory enforcement actions. The workshop uses interactive exercises, case studies and simulations to give the participants an opportunity to apply each step to real-job conflict situations.

Participants discuss their concerns and remedies regarding current conflicts; explain six steps in preventing, managing, and resolving conflict; explain the various underlying causes of conflict; practice active listening responses; assess three negotiation tactics; list ways to stay calm in a conflict situation; practice strategies to refocus tactics back toward problem solving; practice identifying mutual interests and objective standards; practice inventing options and helping the other person in the conflict save face; and
report one concept or technique of value to them.

Contact us if you are interested in more information on this workshop, or would like to schedule it.

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