Customized Training Program:

Building Coaching Skills​

Customized Training Program Lengths Available: Three-Day

This three day skill-building workshop is designed to coach experienced and novice managers in developing and practicing coaching skills.

The first day is devoted to setting the stage for coaching. They discover what coaching is, draw on their own experience to identify the benefits of coaching, discuss that coaching is a three part learning process: educating, developing, and counseling. They are introduced to the five stage coaching model. They then work with the first three stages: (1) create a climate in which coaching can occur; (2) identify the need for coaching; and (3) develop a coaching plan. They ultimately have practice creating a coaching plan, which requires them to reference the last two stages: (4) coach the employee: educate, develop, and/or counsel; and (5) evaluate the coaching plan.

The second day focuses on developing coaching skills. The first day’s learning is reinforced through an exercise which requires them to identify the coaching opportunity in a case study and develop a coaching plan. The participants then identify coaching challenges and brainstorm barriers and aids for the most important challenges. They practice active listening and providing constructive feedback, and develop active listening responses to typical inflammatory statements. They are introduced to a constructive feedback strategy based upon the four R’s: respect, rights, responsibility, and resolution. They then begin to plan and script a ten minute coaching session, which they will practice and then be videotaped conducting on the third day.

The third day is probably the most significant of all three days, because it requires the participants to practice coaching.

They begin in triads, taking turns as coach, employee, and observer. Each participant has an opportunity to practice their coaching simulation at least twice. While in their triads, they coach in their own coaching session simulation (twice) and as the observer giving coaching feedback to the other two participants when they practice their coaching simulations (four times).

They are then be videotaped while they present their coaching session in front of half the class, after which they will receive coaching feedback from the observing participants. During the videotaping sessions, they coach in their own simulation (once) and as the observer giving coaching feedback to all the other participants.

Follow Up: The participants and commit to a personal coaching action plan which requires them to use specific coaching skills learned in the workshop. They are expected to conduct and document two different coaching processes on Coaching Worksheets. They are scheduled for a one-on-one follow up session with the facilitator one month after the workshop to discuss their degree of success in coaching, and to receive any necessary follow up coaching on their coaching technique.

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