Customized Training Program:

Basic Marketing and Stakeholder Management for Medical Training Institutions​

Customized Training Program Lengths Available: One-Day

This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop is designed to help the owners and management staff of medical training institutions how to create a customer service marketing strategy so they can attract and retain their target students. They will also learn how to assess and strengthen their relationships with their stakeholders so that both sides will benefit from the relationship.
 Participants: define what students want in their medical training experience; create a profile of the ideal student they would like to attract and retain; assess the effectiveness of their current marketing strategies; review basic educational service marketing concepts: examine a variety of marketing strategies; state their current challenges with their stakeholders; identify the key stakeholders in their institutions; explain the impact that each stakeholder can have on the success of the institution; describe how to establish and maintain relationships with key stakeholders; and create a personal Marketing and Stakeholder Management Action Plan.

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