Design and Deliver Dynamic Learning

  •  New to training and wondering how you will develop the skills you need?
  • Skilled in training and seeking new learning and constructive feedback?
  • Need to design and facilitate participant-centered training modules?
During this four day internationally proven comprehensive skill-building train the trainer program, you will learn how to:
  • Create a logical coherent flow to the training
  • Make difficult concepts more accessible
  • Determine what content to include the timeframe available
  • Meet the needs of different learning styles
  • Incorporate a variety of participatory interactive and experiential learning activities
  • Attract and keep participant interest, particularly in mandatory highly technical and refresher training
  • Improve professional presentation and group facilitation skills
  • Create workable solutions to difficult training design and classroom challenges
  • Make sure that learning not only happens but is also more likely to be retained and applied

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