Tip #852:  Action Learning

“There can be no learning without action, and no action without learning.” Reg Revans

We are creating a list of activities that the employees of the United Way of Dane County can practice to deepen and implement their learning. Our model is 70-20-10 in that the greatest number of activities will involve learning from direct experience on the job. A smaller percentage of the activities will focus on learning from others, while the smallest percentage will be structured learning by reading articles or watching videos.

We have been advised to make sure that the learning tasks reflect our learning objectives and the content- of our video and a page that provides additional information. We must make sure that the learning activities are accessible and equitable. This means that: (1) the activities can be reasonably completed during work time; (2) the employees have choices to do the activity or watch someone else do it; (3) the types of actions are balanced between those that will appeal to introverts and those that will appeal to extraverts.

The action learning activities should include social, reflective/internal, written, and future/past/present actions. They should also, of course, maintain COVID safety protocols.

I love that the learning activities will be arranged as a competitive game. Employees will be instructed to check off activities as they select and perform them, with each activity worth 5 points. The more activities they do, the more points they earn and the greater their skill grows. Their point totals will land them in one of three tiers: Go-Getters (Tier 1), Rising Stars (Tier 2), or Hall of Famers (Tier 3). Isn’t that marvelous?

The follow up to this action learning practice will be a conversation with their supervisor about what they learned, what activities they chose, why they chose them, and what happened when they performed the activities.

Do you use action learning on the job? If so, how do you structure the activities?

May your learning be sweet- and safe.




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