Tip #772: Treat the learner with respect

“The best way to respect learners: Use techniques that research has proven to work. Help people reach their goals without wasting their time.” Cathy Moore

There are only two immutable rules for a trainer. The first is to treat the learner with respect. This includes recognizing and respecting the learner’s previous experience, current expertise, and pressing interests and needs. The trainer can discover these through formal training needs assessments, informal e-mail queries, or introductory questions at the beginning of a session.  The workshop should be tailored to meet the learners’ needs. This also includes respecting the learner’s time by ensuring that there is good, relevant content and appropriate training methods that build or strengthen necessary skills; and using training methods that meet the needs of different learning styles. The trainer must also treat the learner with respect when interacting during the session. This means that the trainer needs to be willing to recognize that the learners are thinking adults, treat learners with courtesy and respect, and actively listen to their feedback.  When a trainer treats the learner with respect,  s/he establishes and maintains an environment that is conducive to and supportive of learning.

May your learning be sweet.





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