Tip #452: Random Thoughts in Amman

“Creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature. Eric Hoffer

  • I may have mentioned the incredibly tall man dressed as a Bedouin who serves coffee from a very ornate pitcher in the front lobby. Well, yesterday he was there and I decided to ask him if I could take his picture. He was very sweet and seemed very young. He let me take two pictures, then gestured for the camera- and took a photo of me!
  • The lobby is decorated with towering vases of roses, orchids and other flowers. Just exquisite.
  • The “turkey” I ate turned out to be lamb, which doesn’t taste gamy the way I have experienced lamb in the states. It really has the texture of dark meat from a turkey.
  • My beautiful rose bud from Mother’s Day is still beautiful.
  • I wore a hot pick crinkle skirt with sequins on it today- and one woman came up to tell me how much she loved the colors I wear.
  • Lots of participants are making pipe cleaner creations. I take photos of them, to send with the photos of the flipchart work. I also have been taking photos of the groups when they work on a game or a project- they are so wonderfully animated. This also means that I’ll be able to show folks at home pictures of the different types of head coverings worn by the women.
  • Some wear the scarf very tight on their head (like it’s elastic, it’s so form fitting). Some wear scarves that flow around their faces and puddle below their necks in a beautifully graceful way. One woman wears what almost looks like a bonnet, except that it is tight around her face and neck.
  • That reminds me of a conversation I had with Mo. the driver yesterday. He is very unhappy about the women who wear the headscarves but then wear revealing clothing. That is not the Islamic way! His wife stays properly covered and so should they.
  • Tonight, as I trudged back to the hotel, there was a woman in front of me covered from head to toe in the black full tent-like dress. As she walked, I noticed that she had on bright bright red slacks and very high heels.
  • It is so strange to watch the news and see men wearing long (I guess I would call them dresses) with various head coverings. Some head coverings are quite rakish, some are anchored with a black round band (sometimes two black bands), some are long, some are checkered (that indicates Jordan), some are white or black (Palestinian or Saudi). Many wear suit coats over this costume. It really takes some getting used to!
  • My latest technological accomplishment is learning how to unlock my phone (don’t ask) and also (as of this morning) how to silence and then unmute my phone. I may actually learn how to make or receive a phone call by the time I leave Amman…

May your learning be sweet.


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