Tip #831: How to Make a Poor Virtual Impression

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“I believe that first impressions are very important.”  F.W. de Klerk

If you want to make a positive impression on a virtual platform, here are things you should NOT do:

  1. Sit far back from the computer screen so you seem detached.
  2. Not look at the camera so there is no eye contact.
  3. Look down at the camera so you seem aloof.
  4. Have clutter in the background.
  5. Not turn off email or other messaging applications.
  6. Not minimize external distractions.
  7. Check email during the conversation.
  8. Have lighting behind you or to the side, creating a shadow on your face.
  9. Allow sunlight, direct or reflected, to shine into the webcam.
  10. Wear black, white or bright colors that may reflect light.
  11. Wear thin stripes
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