Tip #835:  Virtual Learning Success

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“Virtual learning, when done right, can be dramatically more effective than in person workshops.”  David Rock

Our ultimate intent when we design and deliver training programs, whether face to face or virtual, is to change behavior. We want this behavior change to last and to quickly and easily come into play even when the individual is under stress and feeling anxious.

According to David Rock, who is the director of the NeuroLeadership Institute, easy recall of new skills under pressure only occurs if four conditions were present when the skill was first learned: Attention,  Generation, Emotion and Spacing (AGES).

He mentions research findings that the key to effective learning is activating the hippocampus. This is a brain region that … Read the rest

Tip #834: Virtual Design in Practice

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“Learning is more effective when it is an active rather than a passive process.” Kurt Lewin

I have become a devotee of Cynthia Clay, President and CEO of NetSpeed Learning Solutions. She is a charming and masterful presenter. I find her programs on virtual design incredibly useful and instructive. Her website offers many wonderful resources and I strongly encourage you to take advantage of them.

Cynthia recently gave a highly interactive webinar titled Rocking the Digital Workplace: Communicating and Leading Virtually. In addition to learning her content, I decided to note how she formatted the program.

Before the webinar began, early arrivers were given an opening question: “What do you want to gain from participating in this program?” They … Read the rest

Tip #825: My First Foray into Virtual Learning

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“The first time you do a thing is always exciting.” Agatha Christie

Deborah Laurel and Peter Korynski, the founders of The Peer Learning Institute, are pleased to announce that they are offering a virtual program through UW-Platteville Corporate Learning this summer. The 6-session program is titled Peer Learning: How to Boost Management Effectiveness. It begins on June 17. Please come join us to learn how to use peer learning groups for your management development. You can learn more about the course at https://bit.ly/3cTgrbL  #managementdevelopment #peerlearning #leadershipdevelopment #management

May your learning be sweet-and safe.

Deborah… Read the rest