Tip #809: Fact or Fiction? Lecture is Best for Large Groups

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“A one-size-fits-all lecture is not the way to go about education.” Sal Khan

Fiction. The size of the group has very little to do with the type of learning method. It all depends on the goals of the workshop. If the goal is simply to share knowledge (ideally knowledge unknown to the group participants), then a lecture is appropriate and sufficient. Unbroken lecture can only achieve the learning level of knowledge. However, if the goal is to teach new skills or change attitudes and achieve a higher learning levels: comprehension, application, analysis, evaluation or creation, then the learning method needs to be more participatory: directed large or small group discussion, pop ups, individual worksheets, brainstorming, problem solving, case studies, questionnaires, … Read the rest

Tip #372: How to Facilitate Large Group

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“Every crowd has a silver lining. ” P. T. Barnum

Large groups can present a number of challenges for a trainer. Informed choices will need to be made about seating arrangements, learning activities, and amplification.

1. What is the best way to seat them, assuming there is some flexibility in table or chair arrangements?

Whenever possible it is better to avoid a classroom style arrangement with parallel rows of chairs facing the front of the room. There are two reasons for this: it is too reminiscent of elementary school and it means that people are facing the backs of other participants’ heads.

Ideally, it is best to use a large room that can accommodate tables and chairs so that the … Read the rest