Curriculum Design Testimonials

Thanks for the promised materials – your class is going to be SO helpful in making our training classes more fun and productive.  We have 4 PowerPoint presentations that we give one after the other and I have had the hardest time doing these presentations because I have found them so boring.  Now I am breaking them up with Jeopardy and worksheets and brainstorming in hope of keeping the class as well as myself awake. Your class will make a big difference in how we present our information. Kathy Fraser, Technical Trainer Data Innovations North America

Thanks so much for all the valuable information and inspiration you have provided me and the other students at Parker Drilling’s 3-day TCP training session.  I have just completed delivering 3 “revised” training sessions in New Mexico using many of the theories and techniques I picked up in your class…and let me tell you, the difference is like night and day.  The participants are so much more involved and everybody is having fun learning…its like magic!

Can’t thank you enough for all your help and guidance. Best Regards, Karen Nelson Contractor, Parker Drilling

I have recently worked with Laurel & Associates, Ltd on the development and implementation of a full day, eight hour training course. As Technical Director for the Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes program, I am involved in the development of several training events.

Over the years we have realized through follow up evaluations that the “training as usual” did not appear to change practices in the field. We felt that the limited time we have with the building industry had to be reevaluated in an effort to provide a better “learning experience”

This is where we decided to contact Deborah Laurel at Laurel & Associates Ltd, Madison. Working with the Energy Center of Wisconsin as the coordinator for our training series, we met with Deborah Laurel.

After doing the “training as usual” for several years I realized after the first 20 minutes or so, that Deborah Laurel was the right person to help us coordinate all the technical resources we had and put them into a curriculum that would provide a real learning experience.

For years we had assumed that lecturing to a group was the correct way to learning. Soon into our work with Deborah Laurel we could see the major flaws with that assumption. She went to work immediately in establishing an outline for collecting the information we wanted taught, and designed a learning experience through interaction and lecture. This process was valuable for me as a trainer as well, as it reminded me of the importance of information being provided in a way that motivates people to action. After all, isn’t this what training is all about?

Having done over eight sessions now with the curriculum that Laurel & Associates helped us develop, I can tell you Deborah Laurel’s expertise and experience in training delivered a true learning experience. The evaluations for this training series are a testament to the value of her service. Even seasoned trades people commented to me that they learned more in eight hours than they have from twenty years of field experience. These comments are common after our sessions and pretty much speak for themselves. Joseph P. Nagan Home Building Technology Services

Your curriculum design and master training skills have helped the Energy Center of Wisconsin win the 1998 and 2002 Awards of Excellence in Education from the American Institute of Architects, as well as the 2000 Exemplar Award from the International Association of Continuing Education and Training. Your use of accelerated learning principles and focus on the learner has helped us use public funds more efficiently and produce higher-quality results. Marge Anderson Associate Director, Energy Center of Wisconsin


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