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Do you want your business to be successful?

A successful business has strong leaders, effective managers, high performing employees and satisfied customers.

If your business does not meet this profile, we can help.

  • Your leaders will learn how to create and sustain a healthy and profitable organization.
  • Your managers will learn how to establish and achieve critical program goals while maintaining high employee morale.
  • Your employees will learn how to meet and exceed quality performance and customer expectations.

Your first step is to measure your business against the
Blueprint for Business Success.

Then, if your business falls short, call us: 608-255-2010

We can help your business build the skills you need for success

Laurel and Associates, Ltd. of Madison, Wisconsin, is a certified woman-owned business dedicated to the design and delivery of participant-based classroom training programs that build the skills needed for individual and organizational success.

We have a specialized niche working with subject matter experts to design and deliver highly technical classroom training programs.

In addition to curriculum design and classroom training delivery, we offer a variety of train the-trainer programs and audit in-house training programs.

Laurel and Associates, Ltd. also offers customized accelerated learning classroom training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

All of the training programs we design are structured to provide learning on three different levels. The participants learn the concepts behind the techniques, so they understand why they are important. They learn how to use the specific skills and techniques. They also have the opportunity to test their ability to use these skills and techniques to address specific job-related issues before they return to their job sites.

We look forward to working with you.