Laurel and Associates, Ltd.

Do you want your business to be successful?

A successful business has strong leaders, effective managers, high performing employees and satisfied customers. If your business does not meet this profile, we can help.
  • Your leaders will learn how to create and sustain a healthy and profitable organization.
  • Your managers will learn how to establish and achieve critical program goals while maintaining high employee morale.
  • Your employees will learn how to meet and exceed quality performance and customer expectations.
Your first step is to measure your business against the Blueprint for Business Success.

Then, if your business falls short, call us: 608-255-2010

Why you should do business with Laurel and Associates, Ltd.

Laurel and Associates, Ltd. of Madison, Wisconsin is a certified woman-owned small business dedicated to building the skills needed for employee, managerial and organizational success. When you work with Laurel and Associates, Ltd. we guarantee the following or your money back:

  • Your subject matter experts will design curriculum in a quick and effective process
  • Your supervisors and employees will gain practical skills that they can use immediately
  • Your trainers will facilitate quality programs that effectively achieve their learning goals
  • Your committees will work collaboratively to achieve their desired results
  • Your managers will develop the competence and confidence they need as leaders

Lastest Laurel Learning Tips

Tip #663:   Stop Giving Unsolicited Advice!

“The people sensible enough to give good advice are usually sensible enough to give none.”  Eden Phillpotts There are a number of reasons why people give unsolicited advice. If you have such a tendency, see if any of the following sound familiar: They assume that the person wants to hear…

Tip #662: Getting to the Root of a Problem

“When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves.” Anthony J. D’Angelo There are many reasons why solutions to problems are often ineffective, such as the fact that they: 1.     address symptoms rather than the real problem. 2.     are based on insufficient or inaccurate information….

Tip #661: Objectivity is a Keystone for Consensus

“Consensus doesn’t happen by magic…You have to drive to it.” Christine Quinn Consensus is defined by the Center for Conflict Resolution as follows: “Simply stated, consensus is different from other kinds of decision-making because it stresses the cooperative development of a decision with group members working together rather than competing…