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Tip #422: Getting Training Materials Printed in Amman

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Tip #422: Getting Training Materials Printed in Amman

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“After all, when you come right down to it, how many people speak the same language even when they speak the same language?”  Russell Hoban

It is really interesting how simple things create unanticipated difficulties. For example, in my detailed instructions for the 5 day train the trainer program, I indicated my preference that the materials be in 3-ring binders rather than individually stapled. Well, they don’t have 3-ring binders in Jordan (only 2 and 4 ring) and the staff was very stressed over how they would accommodate my need. I felt terrible when I understood the problem.

I also indicated a preference for each document to be printed in a different color, to make them easier for participants to locate. A fellow came in with a variety of colored paper, but not enough colors to comply with my request. He joked (at least I think he was joking) that he would have to go to Syria and Egypt to find other colors. Luckily, he did have other colors that we could also use.

My printing instructions for my Train the Trainer program are difficult enough for English-speaking folks to follow. I didn’t think about how incredibly difficult they would be in translation.

There will be 60 participants (split into two 5-day sessions). Each person needs a copy of each day’s materials plus two reference packets plus approximately 10 associated individual documents.

Then, on two days, the participants will be evaluating each other- so that is 60 participants x 60 copies for each day, or a total of 14, 400 pages (if my math is correct, so you might want to check it.)

In addition, there are activity material pages with 2-3 different pages. These involve 3 or 7 people at a time, so we only need 20 or 10 sets. Explaining this strained all communications, so for ease they are going to print enough for each person and then discard the extra pages. But this is an incredibly expensive way to resolve the problem.

May your learning be sweet.


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