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Tip #178: Useful Training Resources #1

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Tip #178: Useful Training Resources #1

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1. The subliminal music (to play during the class to relax, improve concentration, enhance creativity, or raise energy levels) can be purchased from the Lind Institute at There are four different classical CDs or tapes sold as a “Relax With the Classics”set.

2. There are many sources for learning activity ideas. One excellent source is the Training Annual published by Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer. It is a collection of practical and reproducible experiential learning activities, assessment instruments, and articles that is now in its 33rd year. You can purchase collections of past years, as well as the current year, at . Another is the InfoLine series sold by the American Society for Training and Development at .

3. A good resource for games is I use the Management 2000 board game. Steven Sugar, who designed the game and is the president of The Game Group, has given me ongoing support and advice over the internet ever since I purchased the games over 6 years ago. How can you beat that? He has a new inexpensive Quizo bingo-like game that has a CD to help you create everything you need.

4. This site has super training tools: .It also has a free newsletter with great information.

5. If you want to purchase inexpensive toys, like kaleidoscopes, ducks and puzzles, three sites with extensive offerings are , , and .

6. The Trainer’s Warehouse has all sorts of products for hands-on learning, as well as upbeat music and books. If you enjoy cartoons by Randy Glasbergen, they have a CD with 100 of his cartoons: .

7. Randy Glasbergen has his own website with over 1500 cartoons and new ones every day! .

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