Tip #774:   Make training decisions with the learner in mind.

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Good training is never static. Instead, it is “a constant stream of professional decisions made before, during and after interaction with the learner; decisions which, when implemented, increase the probability of learning.” *

As trainers, we should do our best to stay in touch with the learning needs of our participants. This responsibility does not stop after we have conducted a training needs assessment and designed the lesson plan and materials. We have to be prepared to make additional decisions during the training in order to meet their needs.

Regardless of who or what is being taught, all training decisions fall into three categories:  1. Content [what content to teach next]; 2. Learner Activities [what the … Read the rest

Tip #565: The Power of Six in Training

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my ax.” Abraham Lincoln

According to the Mastery Teaching Model designed by Dr. Madeline Hunter of UCLA, trainers make three decisions: (1) what content will be taught, (2) what the learners will do to learn and demonstrate their learning, and (3) what the trainer will do to create a positive and motivational learning environment.

The number six occurs during each of these decisions.

Within the content decision:

  • There are six basic steps in the design of a lesson plan for a training program:

(1) conduct a needs assessment to determine if training is needed and, if so, what needs to be covered and who needs to … Read the rest